Friday, April 17, 2015

The commercialisation of ANZAC Day

With the centenary of the landings at the start of the Gallipoli campaign in just a few days time it seems everyone is leaping on the bandwagon.

Big media is as always attempting to make as large an audience boost as possible from its "coverage" of set-piece events while the RSA is doing its best to stop the worst commercial exploitation. It seems that the RSA is allowing some limited use, e.g. allowing milk tankers to display poppies

In an Article on we read

University of Auckland senior marketing lecturer Michael Lee said the RSA needed to be careful not to have too many commercial partners.

"You don't want to cheapen it and turn it into Valentine's Day, or even Christmas [which] has become very commercialised," Lee said.

"Anzac Day could risk going that way if it's just seen as another hook for marketers to put a spin on things."

It was not just the corporates that put Anzac Day at risk of commercialisation, Lee said.

"Some of those tours to Gallipoli are more likely to be cashing in on this sort of thing," he said..

"If you're not an official tour guide, or company associated with the RSA or anything, and you're just trying to cash in on all the Australians and New Zealanders going to Gallipoli, then that is an even more cynical viewpoint [than the corporations]."

I'm sure that whatever the reasons New Zealanders and Australians fought, making money for corporations and big media weren't among them.

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