Friday, November 21, 2014

Butts in the gutters of Newmarket

I work in Newmarket. I often walk up Alma St, alongside the Maori TV building. It really disgusts me how they come out the side entrance, smoke in this small street and then just throw their butts in the gutter. Even at my worst as a smoker I would try to find somewhere better. There are usually a huge number of butts on display. You'd think as a principle sponsor of Quit-line that they would at least supply their staff / performers / contractors with outside ash trays so they'd leave the surrounds looking better.

I often have lunch in memorial park.  Recently as I walked back to work I passed the front door to Maori TV. I noticed for the first time that they had a sign up but pointing inwards asking people to smoke in the park opposite and not outside their building.

I suppose we should be grateful that there isn't a kindergarden or primary school opposite for them to send their people to smoke in but for the first time since I gave up smoking I was regretting it as that sign so offended me that I would have loved to have had a smoke and stubbed it out on their precious front steps.


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