¿Que? is a blog authored and owned by Julia Clement of Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand. The opinions expressed (unless noted otherwise) are purely those of Julia Clement.

This blog's name is "¿Que?", it's probably Spanish and possibly means "What?" Anyone who remembers Fawlty Towers will recognise it as Manuel's favourite expression. Manuel used to say "¿Que Mr Fawlty?" to express is non-comprehension of Basil I'm using it more to express my amazement and incomprehension of the world. "¿Que Mr or Ms World?"

I run a few other blogs each with it's own designated role, but because they all represent my interests and my interests there is often overlap and sometimes I find it difficult to decide which blog to use.

My Blogs
This blog. Dedicated to commenting on politics and stupidity. A place to discuss my world views together with philosophical and political thoughts
Julia Clement
More of a "dear diary" type blog
Domaining .NZ
Internet branding, including domain names.
A blog about blogs and blogging by and for bloggers

Software Patents

There's a lot of heat and little light on this subject. Originally an Autoblog I now use it to provide snippets and summaries of major developments in the debate.

Weight Loss

An experiment in creating a blog on weight control. Currently not to be taken very seriously


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