Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Police upset burglary victim used Facebook to name and shame

The victim of a housebreaking who lost "two laptops, containing vital information for work and business" and would have lost much more had she not arrived home when she did managed to find out who the culprits were and outed them on Facebook has been criticised by Inspector Ed Van Den Broek, area tactical response manager, Rotorua police:
"But don't post people's names in the social media sites, and make sure you call police if you see anything suspicious or you find out any information that may lead to criminals being apprehended by phoning the police or Crimestoppers helpline"

Of course, if the police and the courts did their jobs and got professional housebreakers off the streets we wouldn't need to take "vigilante action" which in any case (at least in my mind) is something a lot stronger than naming someone on Failbook.

More at NZ Herald


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