Friday, February 20, 2009

The mystery of Ireland's worst driver

BBC NEWS Ireland's worst driver:

Police in the Irish Republic finally caught up with Mr Prawo Jazdy, the country's worst driver, after they sought him from north to south for score of unpaid speeding and parking fines. Finally an ordinary copper in the Garda's national headquarters sent a letter

He had been wanted from counties Cork to Cavan after racking up scores of speeding tickets and parking fines

"Prawo Jazdy is actually the Polish for driving licence and not the first and surname on the licence," read a letter from June 2007 from an officer working within the Garda's traffic division.

Given that Poles are Ireland's largest immigrant population, it says something about how Irish Police are trained and communication gets to the ordinary plod on the street.

Can you see any parallels with how our police are trained?


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