Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Stuff up, late reporting of Pascall changing Milk Bottles recipe

Another stuff up,  several months after it was announced, reports that Pascall have changed the formula of one of their sweets:

Prepare for another Creme Eggs furore - because Milk Bottle lollies have a new taste, and no-one seems to like it.

Rather ironically, given the name of the product, Pascall have changed the recipe to milk-free ingredients.

"As milk is an allergen, and Pascall Milk Bottles were the only product in our Jelly Candy factory which used this ingredient, we took the decision to remove the allergen from the factory in order to be in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)," the brand said in a statement last October.

I can't remember eating these sweets since I was a child, so I'm not worried either way, but Stuff's piece has attracted the usual bunch of complaints.

I doubt that any of the complainers are going to take it any further and I'm sure that Pascalls will worry about their bottom line and not a few words on Stuff's  page.

I think that if big media wants to be taken seriously it needs to get involved earlier and not wait until 6 months later to complain.

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