Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Telecom customers details revealed

The Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff, has announced she will investigate how Slingshot's marketing company Power Marketing obtained and used a sign-on code that allowed access to account details for every Telecom customer.

The NZ Herald reports that they had access to a "legitimate account used by a Telecom dealer to carry out its business"

There are at least dozens and possibly hundreds of Telecom dealers in New Zealand, just think of those little stands in malls. They are mostly small businesses and probably kept hungry by the competitive state of telecommunications in this country, I can imagine they probably go out of business reasonably often, or at least need to let staff go, so why on earth is Telecom letting them have full access to our private details?

As well as the impact on our privacy, this just doesn't seem to be a good business practice for Telecom. In short it seems sloppy.

Update (6:15 PM) Telecom says it is investigating the use of the database "If our investigation confirms unauthorised access we will pursue all appropriate action."

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