Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Salvation Army worker in sex inquiry

What's wrong with this picture?

A Salvation Army  worker and a 15 year old woman allegedly had a sexual relationship. According to Stuff:

"Salvation Army's central division commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hutson, said it had received a complaint several months ago. It immediately stood down the employee and told police.

Police said their investigation was still at an early stage and the alleged victim had not yet been interviewed."

Give up?

What ¿Que? thinks is wrong here is that the police were informed "several months ago" and "the alleged victim had not yet been interviewed". Huh? 

So why are the police spending time on the case but not advancing it? Either close the case and say they will do nothing or go and interview the woman and see if there's a case.

OK, it's under age sex, but not really what we think of when we think of child abuse. The Woman's of an age where we tend to ignore the "technical" violation when it's de facto, if not de jure, consensual. The employee apparently wasn't in a position of power over the woman. Ignoring that ¿Que? believes that laws that aren't enforced are ipso facto bad, there's very little going on.

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