Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Show (and Tell) Trial of Kim Dotcom

Interesting analysis of the Court of Appeal ruling that basically said that Kim Dotcom has to rebut the US "evidence" against him without knowing what that evidence is.

"That – unfortunately – is the hook on which Dotcom is currently being hung. His rights to freedom and family life and to reside here aren’t very well protected by our current extradition law and practice. Somehow, he has to convince the Supreme Court that in this day and age, putting more meat on the skeletal evidence currently available to him will far more accurately satisfy the needs of justice."

"Do we really want the Dotcom case to end up with this same kind of travesty? One where, in line with the Court of Appeal argument, the judge at the extradition hearing feels that his role is so necessarily limited that he must send the defendant back to face trial, even on the basis of dodgy evidence?"

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