Monday, September 3, 2012

Not just alternate, but dangerous

The Herald reports
A naturopath who treated a woman for 18 months while an invasive cancer ate through her skull has been heavily criticised for not deferring to doctors.

Te Horo iridologist Ruth Nelson may face Human Rights Tribunal action over her treatment of Yvonne Maine, who sought treatment for what she believed was a cyst on her head in 2008.

Mrs Nelson carried out a variety of natural health treatments over the next 18 months, as the invasive carcinoma grew to 10cm by 11cm in size.

When a chemist became concerned about the amount of painkillers she was taking in August 2008 and recommended she see a doctor, she said Mrs Nelson advised against it and told her she would "probably get a bug or swine flu" if she went to hospital.

By the time Mrs Maine went to see a doctor in late 2009, the cancer had eaten into her skull and exposed her brain.
Source NZ Herald

Obviously a clear failing by a naturopath who had gone beyond the normal crackpot nature of alternate medicine to actively endangering her patients.

¿Que? would like to know
  • Is she still practising?
  • Has she expressed an understanding of what she should have done?
  • Has she undertaken not to repeat this action?
  • What has the nauropaths' guild done to prevent similar problems?

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