Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Telecom XT harassment

I am getting thoroughly sick of Telecom New Zealand. Despite my explaining that I intend switching from CDMA to XT when they have a suitable Android phone they continue phoning me up to try and get me to switch to one of their current crop of inferior or obsolete Android phones.

When I first explained this to them they had no Android phones on offer and they apparently noted this as the next person to phone me started off by saying they knew I was only interested in Android. Unfortunately at that point they only had 2.1 (or earlier?) on special offer so I passed.

In July they sent a letter notifying that CDMA would be discontinued on 31 July 2012. No worries, a year to go so no rush. In August I received a phone call from a Telecom  salesdroid wanting to tell me about their phones with "the latest Android" ... the best they had was an overpriced 2.2, hardly latest and I told them so.

Lunchtime today they sent me a text message trying to get me to change to their XT network.

Tonight while I was trying to watch Fair Go I received another call from Telecom.  As usual they don't launch straight in to trying to get me to upgrade, first comes the standard telemarketer "How are you today" then he says he wants to talk to me about my account with no specifics. At which point I got annoyed and asked him to get to the point.

Finally he admitted that he was trying to get me to change to a new phone. Now I was really annoyed. I demanded "Don't you keep notes of these conversations. I've already explained that I intend swapping when you have "up-to-date Android phones. Can you make sure that's noted. Your continuing to phone me about inferior obsolete phones is bordering on harassment." I was really pissed off so I added "No, it is !@#$ harassment" and told him to also note that "I've always been with Telecom and don't want to switch to Vodafone but I will if this harassment continues"

I think he was quite taken aback but he assured me that it was noted.

This was just over 30 minutes ago and as I write this I'm wondering what got me so riled? Normally the only telemarketers I cuss out are the Indian "Microsoft anti-virus" scammers. About lunchtime I started sneezing a bit and then we had a meeting at work early afternoon and I started feeling dizzy and unwell. During this meeting a specific coworker was mentioned a couple of times and I couldn't place who he was (I work in a department of around 20 people) I even had to ask who he was, much to everyone's surprise. Three of us left feeling unwell at about the same time mid afternoon. I currently think I have a cold or mild fever, hopefully nothing much more.

Although I am justifiably pissed off at Telecom I actually feel quite sorry for the poor marketdroid, he didn't deserve the strong reaction. I wonder if I'm completely rational at the moment. It will be interesting to read this again in a couple of days.

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