Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pasta Strainer Deemed Religious Headgear

According to the NZ Herald, pasta strainers are now considered suitable religious headgear in Austria ... at least for drivers licence photographs.

It took him 3 years but Niko Alm an Austrian Pastafarian has finally received his laminated drivers licence card showing him wearing an upturned pasta strainer on his head after the driving authorities ruled the kitchen utensil was a suitable religious accessory for a Pastafarian.

So what now?

  • Will the French ban pasta strainers?
  • Will the Australians enact laws to allow traffic police to demand they are removed for identification purposes?
  • Will pastafarian motorcyclists demand the right to wear these instead of crash helmets?
At least I know the answer to my next question
Q: Will stupidity never end?

A: No, or at least not while I've got this blog going.

Update:  Niko Alm has blogged about this (In German) here. There's a picture of the licence on the page.

Another update: According to this article in German the story isn't quite as reported or claimed on the website and has grossly exaggerated:
Even the rumored three-year waiting period was, according to the Vienna Police Department is not correct. "The license is completed since October 2009. He was not only picked up" (Google Translate)

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