Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 0, Year 0

The first post on a new blog is usually a chance to express high hopes for the future. I'm going to be a bit more restrained.
I've had another blog Julia Clement for a while and it's ended up being a confused mishmash of personal news, my views on the world and domaining related essays.
I've decided to split it into three. The original blog will be a dear diary for personal news and revert to the occasional diary status, this blog for my world views together with philosophical and political thoughts while my domaining related posts and will be stored at Domaining NZ

The blog's name is "¿Que?", it's probably Spanish and possibly means "What?" Anyone remembering Fawlty Towers will recognise it as Manuel's favourite expression. Where Manuel used it to express is non-comprehension of Basil I'd using it more to express my amazement and incomprehension of the world.
I'll be moving the relevant postings from the old blog over here which is why there will be entries here from before I began the blog.

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